The greatest role model of my life is my Daddy Ji. He is the biggest blessing form God. My dignity lies within the soul of my father. My inspiration, strength and force lead to the achievement of great success in my life, and the credit goes to him. I am very proud to have a successful guide in my life.


I believe in building ethical standards and value systems amongst the youth, as my philosophies aims at generating more engineers for the future

Success comes from efforts and hard-work. I started real struggle from my college time, when I was studying in M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, at Bangalore. The first year of my college was exciting and interesting, but the phases of next more years are full of difficulties. I started studying for hours and hours to get the better results, but the end was not justified. I didn’t get the expected results which I actually deserve. But the hopes were still alive for me.

I made continuous efforts in getting good placements but the inspirations of my parents and other members in my life become the reason for my success. I got the opportunity to lead the educational institution and understood that the real victory lies with the real struggle.





In response to rapid evolving of global work environment, we focus on flexible education system that helps the students in reaching their career-oriented goals. It can also generate improvement in the student’s behavior.


We are workingfor the development of society and individual so that they can lead to the world of modernization and improve the backward areas with continuous efforts, as development involves a qualitative enhancement.


Technology and innovation plays a great role for the sustainable industrial development, as it helps in bringing economic prosperity. We believe in direct results through our results for the betterment of the nation.


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Hydrogen a new Revolution in Automotive Industry
Hydrogen a new Revolution in Automotive Industry

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Innovative Product Designs for Circular Economy
Innovative Product Designs for Circular Economy

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Does a New Focus Required in Engineering Education?

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