I believe in building ethical standards and value systems amongst the youth, as my philosophies aims at generating more engineers for the future



People believe that I am a complete educationist, social and concerned man, as I always want to work for others, for the society, for their growth and development. Where your dreams ends, there our action starts. I always believe in the hopes which are left by the people, I aim to complete those to make the world beautiful. I always regard to do things rather than knowing and teaching others. I want to inspire and encourage students to make them believe in themselves and in the world. As it is very much inspiring and satisfying to hear how generation after generation of engineers and management graduates are benefitted from academic excellence and practical expertise of our institution.

I have a strong belief of immense hidden potential of each human-being by creating and developing knowledge, skills and wisdom in our students which lead to the fulfillment of their dreams. I committed myself to create the environment for our graduates so that they can be a bright innovators, professionals, entrepreneurs, life-long learners as well as responsible citizens.

I am very much honored that I got the opportunity to guide the team of remarkable faculty and administrators. I believe in unity and strength. Together, we help students to learn, reflect, prepare and defeat each and every challenge created by streaky changing and highly-competitive world. We do this by staying true and stagnant to our roots while embracing the future.

Guiding Forces Behind My Journey


The Four Agreements

Adoption and Commitment of agreements can lead to create love and happiness in our lives


The Great Getsby

This book focuses on a man who orders his life around one desire i.e. the love of his life


Search inside Yourself

This program is for developing emotional intelligence created by an early engineer at Google.



It focuses on the planning and productivity by creating strategies related to business work.